Anthony Gabriele & Anastacia

Anthony Gabriele Collaborates With Multi-Platinum Singer-Songwriter Anastacia

This marks the first time Anastacia, who has sold more than 30 million records and topped the charts in 19 countries, has performed her beloved songs with orchestra. Joined by Gabriele and the 65-musician City Light Symphony Orchestra, Anastacia sang some of her greatest hits – including “I’m Outta Love”, “Not That Kind”, “Paid My Dues”, “Left Outside Alone” and many more.

Superman - Anthony Gabriele Conductor

The Legacy of John Williams Podcast Special

Subtitle: Hosted by Maurizio Caschetto and Tim Burden

Conductor Anthony Gabriele talks the stirring musical score by John Williams for the 1978 classic film premiering in a live-to-picture concert presentation at the KKL in Lucerne on April 29, 2022.

James Bond Club Switzerland

Subtitle: Interview with Anthony Gabriele: It's Really About John

James Bond Club Switzerland is the oldest 007 fan club in the world. At the time of recording 2 CD’s featuring the music of John Barry and other James Bond film scores, Club member Sergej Novoselic interviews Anthony Gabriele for the 2022 Edition of the Club Magazine, Casino Royale. (English translation of German article)

James Bond Club Schweiz

Subtitle: Interview mit Anthony Gabriele: It's Really About John

Der James Bond Club Schweiz ist der älteste 007-Fanclub der Welt. Zur Zeit der Aufnahme von 2 CDs mit der Musik von John Barry und anderen James Bond Filmmusiken interviewte Clubmitglied Sergej Novoselic Anthony Gabriele für die Ausgabe 2022 des Clubmagazins Casino Royale. (Originalartikel in Deutsch).

Ronan Keating - Anthony Gabriele Conductor

Anthony Gabriele Renews his Collaboration with Ronan Keating at London’s Royal Albert Hall

Maestro Anthony Gabriele and Ronan Keating will once again perform Ronan Keating Live at the Symphony with the City Light Symphony Orchestra, with performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Lucerne’s KKL Konzertsaal in March 2023.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Anthony Gabriele Conductor

Anthony Gabriele Makes His Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Debut Conducting James Bond Marathon at Royal Albert Hall in November 2022

“An indefatigable Anthony Gabriele shows his wealth of experience in these concerts [and] gracefully conducts a sparkling Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.” (Broadway World)

Skyfall - Anthony Gabriele Conductor

Anthony Gabriele Conducts World Premiere of SPECTRE at Royal Albert Hall in November 2022

Anthony Gabriele says: “The legacy of James Bond is simply extraordinary, and surely every moviegoer in the world recognises the Bond theme and has a favourite Bond song. It’s a bold boast, but I think no-one will have more fun than me at the Royal Albert Hall during the Bond 60th Anniversary week!”

Les Choristes en Ciné-concert

Subtitle: in the Grand Auditorium at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes

In February 2023, in Paris, Anthony Gabriele conducted the World Premiere of Les Choristes en Ciné-concert at La Seine Musicale.
In December 2023, for the first time in France since the Premiere, he conducted the Film-in-Concert at the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière, at the Palais des Festivals, in Cannes. The Nice Daily newspaper interviewed Anthony for this prestigious event.

Psycho - Anthony Gabriele Conductor

SoundTrackFest …….. SACO 2020

Subtitle: PYSCHO in Concert - Oviedo Filarmonía and Anthony Gabriele

Here is the special article about this concert written by the composer Pablo Laspra exclusively for SoundTrackFest, which also includes two interviews: one with the conductor Anthony Gabriele and the other one with the director of the SACO festival, Pablo de Maria.