“Lahti Symphony Orchestra and Anthony Gabriele made Herrmann proud with a stunning concert presentation of Vertigo. Under Anthony Gabriele’s inspired conducting, the tempi, phrasing and orchestral balance were all admirably taken care of, resulting in a performance that would have made Herrmann proud… I felt deeper connection with Herrmann than I’ve ever had with the original soundtrack recording.

I can but express my utmost gratitude to Maestro Gabriele and the Lahti Symphony Orchestra for their marvellous salute to Herrmann. A feast for film music.”

Jari Kallio

Adventures in Music, 24/08/2018

“Nearly 80 years after its release, there is not a lot left to say about the wonderful The Wizard Of Oz. A classic movie, beautifully crafted from script through to performance, design, photography, choreography and a legendary score.

Until, that is, one has the privilege of watching the movie on the big screen with the score played live by a 64 strong orchestra under the baton of Anthony Gabriele.

Judy Garland et al may be captured, beautifully, in that flickering light beam and one may know the movie thoroughly, but Gabriele truly takes this score over the rainbow.”

Jonathan Baz

jonathanbazreviews, 14/04/2018

“Gabriele is one of London’s finest stage-conductors, adept at seamlessly linking an orchestra to the ebb & flow of a live production.”

Jonathan Baz

jonathanbazreviews, 25/02/2017